Apr 21
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Parts of a Home


Such a small, concise word, and yet so full.

Full of promise, hope, and excitement.

Full of calm, peaceful, contentment,

and full of security.

Where is your home? 

Perhaps on that beach with the cool, wet, sand squishing between your wiggling toes,

and where the waves crash like million mirrors over your feet.

Perhaps with your best friend right after they whispered the funniest joke in your ear,

And you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing in the most grotesque way possible.

My home starts on a cold, rainy day. 

The clouds drape over the sky, giving it a downcast, grey, demeanor.

When the rain comes down in sheets of bedrock, pounding on the ground outside my window.

Inside, the fire crackles warmly filling the whole room with a pleasant glow,

Everything is cast in a flickering orange-red light filled with wonder, 

and as unpredictable as the weather in Vermont.

A loud, content purr comes from my lap, as a leopard of furry shades of grey looks up at me with love.

Nothing on my mind but the papers in my hand, 

bound together by a colorful cover entitled, “Bridge of Clay” by Markus Zusak.

Worries and stress left outside with the heavens tears,

To be picked up and dealt with later. 

The faint smell of smoke in the air, 

and the sounds of movement from my family,

 as they move about the house, working, or completing chores.

The pages in my hand compel me, 

Filling my thoughts with their promise, hope and excitement.

The flames in front of me create a tranquility of mind,

Filling me with calm, peaceful, contentment.

The smiling, curling, shedding, creature in my lap,

depends on me to give it the security I feel in this moment.

Here I am 

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