Apr 21

The Four Elements

Destructive but beautiful
Painful to touch
Mesmerizing to see
Fire draws me in
Daring me to be a little dangerous
The smell of burning wood calms me
Brings me back to a time of tranquility
To a time of leisure and bliss
Something so primitive
Yet I never want to look away
Feeling the earth
Beneath my feet
Or laying in the grass all day
The ground is home
I’ve grown up with dirt not concrete
I can’t live without it
It feels cool
And smells like spring
The earth is my solid
Grounding me when I need it
Breathing in
Breathing out
Feeling the air travel into my lungs
I take it for granted too often
But the days I do remember are the best
I spend more time using my senses
Just breathing
Focusing on everything around
Nights are the best to stand outside
And look up at an infinite sky
I’ve always longed for water
Lakes, ponds, rivers, oceans
They are an extension of myself
I love the feel of water on my skin
No words can describe my connection
I was meant to love water
I never wanted to fly
Or even stay grounded
My calling is to dive
Into the depths of my second home