Apr 22
poem challenge: Earth Day
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Us And The Earth

We are the protectors.
We are supposed to save, and protect the earth.
We are supposed to save the life,
But, we don't.
Instead we pollute, and tear down our earth.
We take charge and leave everything else in the dust.
We tear down habitats, and Ecosystems.
We cut down trees, to make buildings and cities we don't even need.
If we didn't have humans,
Our earth might look different.
It would look lush, 
And beautiful,
It would change.
We devote a whole day to our earth,
And the people who do participate know,
That if we don't make the change and start protecting,
We might no have a earth,
We might not have a future.
Unless we start now.
Unless we make the change that needs to be made.
We were put here to protect, and give,
We were put here to love, and save,
We need to start now!
We have already started the change,
By recycling, and reusing,
We have earth day,
We have many things.
All we need is to do a little more.
We have the research.
So just put in the effort, and very soon people will be chanting,
Save Our Earth, Save Our Earth.
That's all we need.  That one small step,
To change not one persons mind,
But every ones.