Apr 23

The Track We Are On

Gold is slipping down the horizon
As I sit, alone, in this metal chair
Gulping down dusk's nectar breath
Admiring Mother Earth from my yard

A sprinkler puddle shimmers, catching my eye
Soft breezes dance past, ticking my neck
The whirring wings of a hummingbird zip by
As the crickets tune for a midnight concert

But one day, all that is green will turn gray
No sprinklers needed, who wants real grass?
Hummingbirds have long been extinct
And dead silence in place of euphonious melodies

We'll still be wearing masks
But not because of some virus
But because if not, we'll start choking on the air
Devoid of trees and oxygen

This is the track we are on
The future our bullet trains
Processed foods and plastic islands
are steamrolling, barrelling towards

Greedy, greedy little creatures
And in time we will learn,
Biting the hand that feeds us
Will only result in pain

We have poisoned our Mother
Cancer by carbon dioxide and plastic
Carelessly exploiting her treasures
She is dying

She is suffering, and they say politics!
One day, they will realize too late
The deaths of the helpless
Will weigh on their shoulders

That pile of dolts, who we pay, trust to protect us
A whole host of politicians and an orange president
Are going to let the floods, earthquakes, tsunamis
come wipe us out, paying for their ignorance

They'll hide in their ivory towers
Waiting the hard times out
Maybe make a useless speech, just for face
Ruling a country too weak to stand up

I just can't understand
The world we live in now
If everyone's focused on today,
Who's thinking about tomorrow?

Please, please, I'm begging you
We have to make a stand
This problem has grown too big
For just a few to shoulder the burden

It is one for all right now
When we should be all for one
After all, we all want a tomorrow
Or we wouldn't be fighting so hard for today

Science says it's still barely possible
So please join the cause
The sand is slipping too fast
We cannot fight this alone

Do it for a brighter tomorrow,
for all future generations
So each morning is one we want to wake up to
When the sun finally comes around
Let dawn's brilliance make the sky blush
instead of illuminating a trail of smoky regrets
Let birds chirp in emerald trees
instead of grating and grinding machinery
Let us take breath after breath of crisp oxygen
instead of wearing a mask