Apr 23
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Home Sweet Home

under the shelter of my roof lays shimmering joy
a streamline flow of unconditional love
never a dull moment in this household
always a gurgling sound of glee
because even though family don't always agree
compromise is key

under the shleter of my roof are three important people
one who I call mama because she shed a part of herself for me
one who I call baba because he is always there for me
one who I call didi because he constantly laughs with me
the four of us cherish and love and care each other
because all we ever want is to be together

under the shelter of my roof sits many sturdy walls
that I trust to keep bugs and burglars out of our house
safety and security comes from closure
these colorful walls prevent us from exposure
against these walls are memories painted in pictures
of the years and years we've captured in figures
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Katherine Wei
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