Apr 24
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A place that feels like home, is a little hut I built next to a little stream that runs next to our house. The stream connects to another stream that then runs into the Poultney River.  I built the hut  with two 8’ boards that are screwed to a tree and I built a box with four other 8’ boards with the tree in the middle of the box. I then screwed four pieces of ¾ inch thick plywood that is 4’ by 4’. I had to cut off a corner with a Christmas tree saw because the plywood would not fit with the tree in the center. Then I screwed two 2 by 4’s in the front and two in the back. The ones in the front are 6’ high and the ones in the back are 7’ high. 

I built the roof on a slant, so that the water flows off of the roof. There are two boards in the middle of the roof that are screwed to the tree. I then screwed four pieces of ¾ inch thick plywood that is 4’ by 4’. This was going to be the floor. When I was all done with everything else I put some of the siding boards down and screwed them to the plywood.

I had to have some help from two of my siblings, Daniel and Ava, to get the plywood up onto the roof because some of the pieces were heavy. I had some roofing shingles and I screwed them up on the roof to keep the water from leaking in from the roof. I then started to work on the walls. I screwed three long skinny boards on all four walls ,so I have something to screw the siding onto. The siding are boards that are 1’ wide and 16’ long. On one side, I left an opening for a door. When the siding was all done, dad gave me some door hinges and a latch. I built the door by screwing two of the siding boards onto two of the long skinny boards and attached the hinges to the hut and to the door. I then attached the latch to the door and hut. The hut took me three days to make. I learned how to do this stuff as I went.     

The hut feels like home because I built it. It also feels like home because it is like a one room house but smaller.I think it is cool because I made a chair, a shelf and a bed. You have to watch your head when you're inside because the roof is low and there are screws poking through the roof.