Apr 24
nonfiction challenge: CJP-Five


The Pandemic has made me discover some things about myself.

One, is that I used to take school for granted. I used to complain about having to go to school. When right now I would do almost anything to be able to go back to school. See all my friends and teachers again. To learn with an entire class sitting around me. Even with all the challenges. I will never take school for granted again.

Two, is that I really can do anything if I put my mind to it. For instance a week ago I decided I wanted to do a split. So for the next seven days I stretched and stretched and stretched. Finally on day seven I did it! My first ever split. I felt so proud of myself. I am excited to continue learning new things.

Three, is that sometimes friendships aren’t as strong as they look/feel. This pandemic I think has cost me a friend. We have stuck it out for six to seven years. Through fights, sleepovers, secret, gossip and now this pandemic comes rolling in breaking us apart. Of course the moment a see a glint of hope I will be there. Working hard to fix the tear that separates us. For the moment however I’m afraid this pandemic destroyed one of my friendships.

Four, is I miss spending time with my pets. Before I was always very busy. Doing school, sports, extra curricular stuff, etc. My pets got attention from me but not as much as I would have liked to give them. The pandemic has given me the time to bond more with them. Appreciate them. Hang out, and play. It’s been wonderful.

Lastly, I have realized that my family is awesome. I mean I already knew that already but this pandemic has strengthened the bond. How much I love them. Their jokes, their personalities, and just them in general. I love my family. And this pandemic has only made our love that much clearer.