Apr 25
poem 0 comments challenge: SHELTER

My house, my home

I know people who have lived
in the same place their whole life
and have never known a change of scenery.
I am not one of those people.

I moved before I had my first birthday,
and now, when you ask where I'm from
I always wonder what I should say because
none of the possible answers feels right.

I could answer with the place of my birth,
but that has never felt right.
There is only one place where I've ever felt at home
and now, I have left it behind as well.

Moving can be fun and exciting,
and I love meeting new people,
but sometimes I wish for one location
and a paper saying that we'll never leave.

That isn't the way it is, and that's fine
because my house is not built out of bricks,
and nothing can tear it down.
My house is built of the people that I love.

Under the shelter of my roof
reside four people and two dogs plus me.
And wherever they are, I can call home
as long as we stand together.