Apr 25
poem, nonfiction challenge: CJP-Miss

Starved For What We Had Before

What most took for granted
Now ripped from our grasp
Nothing makes us yearn for something more
Than when that thing is taken away
Then every passing moment 
Is spent thinking
Intense feelings rise from our gut
Swirling around and around
Creating chaos within us 
Clouding of brains
Of all other thoughts
Till we feel ready to explode
Right now we all feel this
We all are missing 

I miss seeing my friends 
I miss hearing their voice whispered in my ear while sharing a treasured secret 
I miss listening to my teachers teach
I miss having to beg them for extra challenges
I miss learning in a classroom surrounded by other kids
I miss talking to people face to face
I miss being able to go to the store without a mask
I miss the noisy classrooms
I miss the problems I faced everyday
I miss the ease of how life used to be

I miss, I miss, I miss,
Thats what everyones thinking
The more we miss
The more our stomaches rumble
Starved of the things we want
Reminding us
Every second of the day
That what we used to have
We have no longer