Apr 25

The Zoomers

how funny how the people in this quarentine time,
are dealing with the issue of having school online.

Jonny always goes to school in full pajama wear
He sits in math with cereal, he hasn't got a care.
Martha's lounging on her bed, her feet in fuzzy slipers
she has to get up all the time, schoolworks always missing.
And Bert, we love him, man he's great-
he comes to class 10 minuets late.
Poor angela keeps freezing, 'cause her wifi is all iffy
she tries to ask a questiona and then freezes in a jiffy.
Fin I swear is in a corner, or maybe in a cave,
its always dark and murky and he always gives a wave.
We can never hear Tamika 'cause her dogs are always barking
they're actually so cute, but the first time was alarming...
We can't forget dear Jordan either,  who just dances all the time.
he always gives a tiny move, we copy it in time. 
Riley's virtual background, is honestly the best,
From snickers bars to driving cars, he beats all of the rest. 
Micheal and Charissa are the twins inside the class,
They make the classroom echo, on purpous, what a task.
Lora's making breakfast during english: scrambled eggs
And Marco's camera's broken so we only see his legs.
Waking up Penelope is a joyful daily task
We always hear her snoring, and it always makes me laugh.
Tyler tends to spam the chat
Ubing loves screen share
Jojo somehow manages to doodles everywhere. 
Pam forgets to mute herself, we hear her conversation
Danny does the oposite, he's muted and talks anyway.

About the Author: Treblemaker
I write because the music of language spoke to me in books and I wanted to make a beautiful noise to answer back ~ Lee Williams.