Apr 26

The City That Never Sleeps

NY City, we have the best hotdogs,
I swear by them its true,
Have you tried an Annie's pretzel?
You have to get one too.
Our skyscrapers are wonderful
An architectural peak,
The view from 400 stories up
Is absolutely unique.
And we can't forget the bagels!
Oh its our signature delight!
We have them in the morning
heck, we have them 12 at night.
          ~          ~
The Met we hold in highest praise
The cafes are da best!
The bakery Magnolia,
is better than the rest.
The shows and lights of Broadway,
the hub around time square,
the sidewalk covered all in gum-
The smell of gasoline air.
The squeeze of other people
In the crowded traffic lain
And oh my gosh the subway!
Number one in dirty trains! 
Our park, that rectangle of grass-
 We have trees if you look hard,
Opportunity is everywhere
Visits from abroad.
        ~         ~
Walking to all destinations
Please wear a comfy shoe,
And if you want the virus,
Your in luck, we have that too.
NY, we pride ourselves in culture
One melting pot at that,
Eating food from around the world
No wonder why we're fat.
Never a dull moment,
And there are always pigeons
Looking up and up and up
Skyscraper's the vision. 
People singing on the street,
Double Decker with red seats,
Maps and strollers, taxi cabs
stoplights, park bikes, someone dabs.
How exciting. 
So unique.
Gross and beautiful antique. 
Old and new mixed in one heap,
This is the city that never sleeps.

About the Author: Treblemaker
I write because the music of language spoke to me in books and I wanted to make a beautiful noise to answer back ~ Lee Williams.