Apr 28
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I walk through the foggy morning. I had stopped running because of the fog. I walked slowly along the edge of the ocean. All I heard was the loud crashing waves. I stood for a second trying to figure out where I was. I peered through the thick fog and eventually realized that I was at the edge of the ocean. 

    The fog had cleared for a small part and I could almost see the waves clearly. I sat down on the wet sand. My clothes were already soaked from the waves splashing water on me. I looked at the rolling waves of water. They moved in a sort of graceful way. Like dancing. Each one moved perfectly with the next. 

    It pushed a calm feeling over me. As the next waved splashed me in the face and I smiled breathing in the chilly air as it left. At that moment I realized that everything happens for a reason and you have to go with it and not go against it. Things in life are like the waves. If you go with it it will be more smooth then if you go against and feel the force of the water crashing on you. 
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