Apr 28
poem 0 comments challenge: Ocean


the breath of the world
in and out
the sea foam cresting
as the gulls above 
cry out 
and the fish bellow
swim relentlessly 
and vast
this great body is
with the waxing 
and waning of the moon
as it rises and falls
the whale songs 
reverberating in its heart
and blankets of green
wrapped around it's watery shoulders 
as it's home of fallen clouds
and salty wind 
provides a shelter of sorts
from the scorching anger of the sun
all the treasures of the world
buried beneath the waves of blue
among the dappled octopuses
and the whale shark few 
you will find an amazing world
one of awe and shock
and wonder
but not if our people
continue to plunder
and degrade
what little magic we have left in this place
with our fires and fumes
that pollute and disintegrate
with our tires and tubes
and insatiable appetites 
we take what we are given
and then take the giver
we pull up the roots
instead of simply plucking the fruit
and slowly
our world will continue to die
unless we fix it
repot and re-care
unless we try
to undo the harm we've done here. 



The Unanswerable Question

A single tree stands,
Where there once was thousands.
Millions of people stand,
Where there once was thousands.
We tear down the rainforests,
To make room for cattle farms.
But it's alright, right?
We love hamburgers and beef,
Without those cows,
What would we do?
So, we assure ourselves,
It's all for the greater good.