Apr 29
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A Spinning Girl


I’m Katrina

Let me tell you a little about me

Did I mention my name is Katrina?

I was born when my mom, the free flowing, sunny tropical waves of the Bahamas, near Cuba

met my dad, the one and only powerful Cyclone Twelve.

They decided to call me Katrina (Have I told you that yet?)

Anyway, I’m Katrina 

And maybe I should tell you a little bit about me

I grew pretty big pretty quickly

At my biggest I was 400 miles wide

My mom was the clear, cool, and beautiful tides of the Bahamas, which are located between Florida and Cuba

My dad was the muscular, unyielding Cyclone Twelve,

And my name is Katrina.

Here are some facts you should know about me

But first let’s take a calm, deep breath,

Everything’s fine, and everyone is safe

Life is short so take advantage of this moment,

Speaking of which, I should probably introduce myself,

People call me Katrina,

And I’m pretty well-known so I think you should leave

My parents are the well-to-do, impressive, whitecaps of the Bahamas and the prosperous Cyclone Twelve 

My winds reached from 100-140 miles per hour and I’m not afraid to use them

I am the first of my kind to be called Katrina (which is my name by the way)

My mom is the menacing, humongous waves that crash into the Bahamas, and she will always be a part of me

My dad is my foundation and my rock, without him, I would be nowhere

We created mass flooding and disaster everywhere 

Nice to meet you

I’m Katrina
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