May 01
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One day I decided I was going to build a raft. I had been bored and was looking for something to do. I had seen a bunch of driftwood on the banks of the stream that runs by our house and decided to build a raft. Mom told me to get rid of the driftwood anyways.

I built the raft by laying a bunch of driftwood side by side and I found some rope that was not being used in the basement of our house and I tied the driftwood together. I stuck a piece of driftwood in the center of the base and tied it there. I tied an old piece of cloth onto the piece of driftwood sticking up in the center for a sail. I looped the rope around the logs so it would stay. I screwed a few boards I found lying around to make a little box for food and for whatever else I needed to put in there. 

The day I Ieft, the weather was sunny and not a cloud in sight. I set sail down river early in the morning and I packed a lunch for the road or in this case, the stream. A few minutes after I took off, the stream connected to another stream. I rode on the other stream a ways and then that stream connected to another stream that was the Poultney River. I switched to the Poultney River with no problems. What I didn’t know was that the real problem was coming soon.

As soon as I had gone under the bridge, the raft had hit a few rocks and then suddenly splintered! I had to swim to the river bank. I had decided right then and there that I would let my brother, Daniel, test the next raft I built. I walked back home in time for dinner.