May 05
poetry challenge: CJP-Miss
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what we used to do

a long time ago
we used to be able to go shopping without masks or gloves
we used to be able to give really good hugs
to people that weren't only in our family
we used to go to school
and complain about homework and teachers and drama
we used to look forward to large gatherings
of more than 10 people
we used to buy tickets to broadway shows
that we thought we'd actually get to see
i used to count down the days to when i'd get on a plane
to austin, texas to see a movie i was in
premire on a huge screen
we used to daydream about summer camp
and swimming in a neighbor's pool
and we didn't have to worry about sitting six feet away
from our best friends
we used to be able to travel to exciting places
and get ready for preformances with anticipation
i miss all the things we used to do