May 08


Laying on a table
like the corpse of an animal
waiting to be dissected

White light
shine into my open eyes
and my eyelids cannot close
tight enough to block it

The scent of disinfectant
burns the inside of my nose
making my head pound
smelling so clean
that it hurts

Someone puts their hands
into my own hands
rubbing sanitizer
into my palms
their fingernails clawing
at my bones

They force a mask
over my mouth
and it feels like cobwebs
being shoved down my throat

Tight plastic gloves
are pulled over my sticky fingertips
cutting off my circulation
at the wrists

Layer upon layer
of protective gear
is forced over my head
until I feel like a mummy
wrapped head to foot
in bandages

Finally the lights go out
I can finally shut my eyes
and fall asleep
letting my tense limbs
go limp

I awaken 
like a zombie brought to life
my corpse reanimated
sitting up

I take my first steps
which also may be my last
exiting my house
and walking into the streets

Everyone is walking quickly
with their heads hung low
a whole street
of dead men walking

The stores and houses
are boarded up
all the window are closed
and spiders 
have made them their homes

I want to hold my head up high
to show the world that I
am not afraid
but as I lift my chin
with a defiant grin
someone behind me
forces my head down

Hunched over
I make my way through life
my new life