May 08


Mud splashes against my face

A whirling spinning tower of wind cuts through the field

Slicing through barns and houses 

As if they were a knife through butter

The tower of wind is hectic and dangerous

But I feel as if I am in the heat of battle

My head filled with a whirlpool of emotions and thoughts
Around you there is no calm

There is only chaos 

Cries of despair hopelessness, and worry

Pierce the night, filling the sky with their song

There is no we will make it out

No silver lining

More like a nightmare than real life
It's hard to focus on one thing

Words thoughts emotions jumble and mix together

For there are thousands of things happening

If you don't hold on, your mind can break

You can give up, and that is the true disaster
Of course before the disaster there is the calm

These small sections or times when everything is quiet

Or a spot, a safe haven amidst the raging swirling storm

Its facinanating, because it resembles life

Things can be perfect, but even if they are great

Disaster can still strike
About the Author: Gorilla
Nathaniel Worland
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