May 08
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Once upon a time there was a little girl wearing a blue dress. Her hair was in a long ponytail. Her name was Annebell. She was 2 years old. She was playing outside when it started to pour. Then the wind started to go really fast. 

Her parents called her inside. She went inside.  Her parents told her to go into the basement where she would be safe. But first, she had to go get food and water and some stuff to do. So, she got chips and water and bananas and apples. She also got coloring stuff and a blanket and a pillow. 

She went into the basement. Then she wondered about her parents, so she went back up to see. Her parents just said go back in the basement and that they would be down. She got her stuff set up. She put her blanket and pillow in the corner along with her coloring stuff. 

The wind started to get really bad. So she yelled up to her parents and said to come down here. So they came down. And they were all safe. The storm went on for about six hours. When it finished, they went back up and their house was destroyed. They had to move to another house. They moved to Vermont. Annabell made friends fast and her parents found a job. Her parents are now working as artists. 
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