May 08
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opening my eyes to the morning sun seeping into the cabin
the sleepy walk up to breakfast
eager faces in the dining hall, excited for the day ahead   
the squeak of chairs as counselors announce clearing games, running to find someone with a watch or a certain birthday trying not to be last 
the waterfront with all the boats, the trampoline, the waterslide, and the volleyball nets
the lake shimming and sparkling in the early afternoon light 
climbing the big hill and running down the other side to get the archery range, the soccer field, and arts and crafts
getting lunch from the buffet then sitting down to talk and laugh with friends 
heading back to the cabin to write a letter to parents, or working on the friendship bracelets tied onto waterbottles    
watching the brilliant sunsets from the theater porch after dinner
evening activities, running through the big open fields of long grass smelling the warm summer air
arms linked in a big circle singing the camp song, as the sun slips behind the big mountains 
running back to the cabin trying to avoid the mosquitoes bites
slipping into bed, exhausted from another long day
there's nothing I wouldn't do to be at the camp off of the long dirt road that I call home 

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