May 08
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The Butterfly Affect

a gentle breeze knocks a small pinecone off the tree onto the path 
a little girl steps on it, falls and hurts her arm
her mom calls an ambulance
there's a woman driving that's late for a job interview but has to stop because an ambulance is coming
at the interview, they get tired of waiting and start someone else's interview instead
when the women finally gets to the interview they say its too late
shes upset so she decides to go to the store and get some ice cream
an elderly man in the checkout line notices she looks sad so he pays for her ice cream 
the women thanks the man and heads home
when she gets home she sees child fall off his bike, she rushes over to help and offers to drive him home
when they get to his house his mom invites her inside
the women owns a consulting firm and offers her a job, after a few hours she heads home
she eats dinner and thinks about the job the boy's mom offered her
later she lies in bed thinking about her day and has almost completely forgotten about her missed job interview 
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