May 08
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    I moved to the main island of Hawaii about a year ago. After high school, I decided I needed to leave the small town I grew up in, and discover a different area. I felt drawn to the islands, so that is where I ended up. The first few months consisted of settling in and exploring. I met some really amazing people, and honestly felt like I was on heaven on earth. I love the ocean, yet I have always been afraid as to how powerful it truly is. It seems so calm at times, but they say “never turn your back on the ocean…” Being on a small island, far away from the mainland can be very intimidating at times. What am I going to do of a tsunami hits? Swim all the way to California? Pattle my surfboard to Mexico? Or just tread water until someone finds me? Well, the truth is, no amount of preparation could have helped with what was about to hit our island. 
    It was early on a spring morning when the sirens began to ring. This happens sometimes when a big storm is about to arrive, so we reacted normally. Yet, little did I know I was about to survive the largest tsunami to ever hit the big island of Hawaii. 
    It was when I saw how much water was flowing fast and powerful through where the common used to be. Before it reached me I was able to get ahold of a tree. The water started rushing underneath me so powerful I could hardly hold on. I got cut and slammed by random objects polluting the water. It was terrifying and I did not know what to do. 
    The rest I don’t remember well. After two days of fighting for my life, a rescue team found me. The whole experience was extremely traumatizing and is something I attempt to block from my mind. Hawaii has been the same, and neither have I. However, we are slowing rebuilding and healing.

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