May 15
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 Hi, my name is Allison. I have red hair. This paper is going to be about the time me and my friends went to Maine.  My friends' names are Allyssa and Isabella. Allyssa is actually my sister. Allyssa has red hair and Isabella has blond but she dyed it black. I call Isabella Izzy.

 It was summer. We just got out of school when Izzy asked me and Allyssa if we wanted to go on a road trip From Vermont to Maine. We went to Maine because we really wanted to go to see what it was like. Of course we wanted to but we had to ask our parents first because we were only 17. So, we asked them and they said yes. Izzy already asked her parents and they had said yes. We went straight to packing. 

We packed clothes and tooth brushes. We also packed sleeping bags. We left the next morning. Izzys dad was going to drive.  It was a 3 hour drive. We got into Izzy's parents car and we left. 2 hours into the trip we broke down. Izzy’s dad was mad.  I called my parents to tell them that we were broken down.

Izzy’s dad fixed it. It was out of gas. He brought gas. We got on our way. We had one hour left of the drive. We got to Maine and we went to our hotel. We stayed 3 nights there. We did a lot of activities like swimming and bowling. That’s the story of the road trip to Maine.     


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