Throughout the summer of 2020 we'll have new challenges each week. Just click on the week to see the challenges. The list will grow as the summer unfolds. You can respond to any of the challenges any time, out of order, in order, doesn't matter. The Summer of Stories is about having fun and staying connected with your YWP friends. And remember you can always write anything, anytime, using the General tag, and upload any photos and art using the Visual tag. Have fun!

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[Illustration by Autumn Larocque, Danville School]
WEEK 1: May 18
Go: "I just want to go ..." finish the sentence and explain where, why, when, and how you will make it happen!

Face: Look at yourself in a mirror, and draw your face without looking down at your paper. Never lift your pencil from the page! Color it in later if you want. Take a photo and post it! Does it look anything like you?

Clouds: Clouds are a wonder of nature, constantly shifting shape as they move through the sky. Go cloud-watching. Take photos and share them on your blog.
WEEK 2: May 25
Fearless: "The day that I stopped being afraid of failure was the day my adventure began ..." Begin a story or poem with this phrase, or use the concept as inspiration.

Golden: Imagine that you are walking along on your usual route to school and something strange catches your eye. It's a big, golden door. You're sure that it's never been there before. You look around. You're the only one on the street. School is starting in 10 minutes, but ... What do you do?

Pet-Pix: Got a cute pet? Share your photos.
WEEK 3: June 1
Up Close: There is art in nature. Take a look at the world around you, get in close, and photograph the designs, patterns, and wonders of nature. Catch some inspiration from these photos by laurenm.

Story Starter: Think about moments in your life and write! You have two options:
  • Focus on specific, memorable moments in your life – recent or past, good or bad. Write everything that comes to mind for just two minutes.
  • Or try a free write on one word: Delicious, Sweltering, Exhilarating, Mountain, Trapped, Fireworks, Painting, Book, Friend, Woods, Storms, Family, Summer. Pick a word that speaks to you and write everything that comes to mind for two minutes.
Look at what you've written and think about what would make the most interesting story. What's the hidden story here? Set your watch or timer for another two minutes. Write everything you can related to the theme or topic you chose. Now give some thought to the basic elements of a narrative – the main character; the want/need (or dilemma); is there a protagonist? what’s the climax or turn? Write down any details you think of. Do you see an idea – and design for a story – starting to form? If so, write it! Final tip: When writing a story, it’s better to start a little later than you think you should and end it a little sooner than you think you should.

I never ... Fill in the blanks and fill in the story. Try one or both of these prompts:“I never ________, but it’s all over now.”
“Move aside, ________. Make way for ________.”