May 16
poem 0 comments challenge: Covfefe

Covfefe Fefever

You know… 
That virus thing.
I can’t explain it- but its already big.
To make sure Covfefe does not spread,
There are some things you should do instead:

Wash your hands all the time with soapfefe- its great!
And stock up on toiletfefe paper… too late.
Use handfefe santitizer,
Wear a maskfefe too
I promise it’ll keep germfefes off you!
Please stay in touch with your family and friends,
Just be mindful of the sofefe distanceing.
Zoomfefe works and phonefefes are nice
And start up some hobbies- like painting on rice.
 Lyfefesol is a great disinfector,
Use baby wipes too it will help curve the vector.
These products exist! We have covfefe data-
please comply!
We are in this together. Oh- don’t give highfefefives
Are you skeptical of what was just said?
I assure you this was fact checked by the Covfefe press
About the Author: Treblemaker
'Don't worry about fitting in when your custom made' -Liza Koshy