May 16

Lucky Wishes

I am the luckiest girl in the world today
Scratch that, human
Today, I am the luckiest human 
To have ever walked the Earth

What did I do in my last life
To deserve these people?
Even if we’re screens apart
Their love hugs me tight

These are the people
I wish never to disappoint
Who make yellow, gold
And gray, silver

Who else can complain
That their cheeks hurt from smiling
But double over laughing anyway
Because they just can’t help it?

What other unscrupulus monkey
Gets to learn to be a girl?
Who needs wishes?
I have everything I could ever need

Thank you, thank you all so much
My face alighted by the candles’ glow
Joy emanating from my soul
I make a few wishes, anyhow

I wish that they are all happy
For the rest of their days
I hope they feel the warmth
And are forever content

I wish the virus will stop
Destroying people’s friends and family
That we can all embrace again
Screw the cautious six feet 

I wish for world peace
World happiness, world health
Let us cure the Earth
And accept ourselves

Yes, I am the luckiest person today
Bathing in all the love anyone could ever hope for
The bestest friends, the bestest family
And enough birthday candles to wish the same for you