May 19

Baby Steps

they keep saying
things are starting to back to normal
and I can't help wonder
what they mean when they say that

some places are starting to open up
but a lot of them aren't
and if they are open
they have a lot of new rules

there are signs in the open stores
saying things like 
only so many people in the store at once
you are required to wear a mask

and in the dark windows of closed stores
are signs that say
we'll be back soon
we miss you
come back when we open again
if they open again

so really
it isn't normal yet
we're just taking baby steps
toward the normal that we knew before

but baby steps are still progress
that's how we learn to walk
so if we keep taking baby steps
we will walk again 
About the Author: Crescent_Moon
"You don’t have to understand things for them to be.” — Madeleine L’Engle