May 20
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You hope you make it home at night. 
You hope the plane lands, the car slows, and
The guns hold fire.

You hope your children are safe from the universe,
 when the universe doesn’t want them to be. 
You hope the water comes and the fire stops.
You hope us people help the world that we say we care about.
You hope the seagulls get unbound from plastic bags. And the turtles
 don’t drown in this suffocating world.

We hope the leaders of the world don’t cut us and stomp us down,
 like we're the ones that are ruining the world when we’re 
the ones that are trying to fix it.
You’re the ones that vote.
We’re the ones that act.

You hope I speak out, and gather my fellow seeds that are yet to grow up 
but still have a flower that will be strong when you give it light and believe.
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