May 22
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The Trip

    Flo bounced down the stairs with her long blond hair streaming behind her. 

    “Are you ready?!?”She shouted excitedly.

    “Yes!”I laughed. 

    Today was the day! We had waited all school year for this. I couldn’t wait until this time. We were finally going to California! It was going to be a long 8 and a half hours until we got there but it would be worth it! 

    “Okay I’m ready Flo’s father called from the kitchen. He walked out into the living room smiling at us. He was my favorite person besides Flo and my parents. Flo’s mother had died when she was at a young age. All Flo and I remembered of her was that she always made ginger snap cookies.  

    Flo’s dad loaded all of our luggage into the back of his car and off we went. About 40 minutes later we made it to the airport. We had about an hour until our plane left. 

    Just as we were about to get on the plane the flight got canceled. Ugh. Just our luck. 

We decided to drive but when we got halfway there a road was canceled and we had to go on a long creepy dirt road. We finally got there but I had taken us a few days longer so we had to spend more money for the hotel rooms. The entire trip was fun and on the way back it went much smoother.

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