May 22
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Risk writing

Hi, my name is Allyssa. I have red hair and I am a risk taker!I’m going to tell you the story of the time I took a risk and how it was successful. My mom has purple glasses and black hair. My dad has silver glasses and black hair. And my sister has red hair. 

It all started when my family went on a cruise. We were going from Vermont to Maine. We were in New York when the ship had hit a rock. We had a hole in the side of the boat. We were sinking!  We luckily had a boat patch for the hole. Someone had to go under the water to put it on. No one volunteered, so I did. It was a big risk because the boat could either sink or sharks could come. I went down.

    It took like twenty minutes to put it on. You have to get the patch flat then you put it on the hole then you tape it. I had to wear scuba gear so I could breathe. I successfully did it. I went back up. And they all were cheering for me. 

    We had a big celebration because, one we didn’t sink and two I successfully put the patch on. We went back home and my family hugged me a lot. I was so proud of myself ando was my family. That was the story of the time I took a risk and it was successful. 
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