May 22
poem challenge: Earth Day

Don't Blame Yourself Earth

It's okay reassures the Sun,
they do not blame you.
It's okay insists the Moon,
they know you don't know how to help.
It's okay Mars tries to cheer you up,
you are too busy helping everything awaken from Winter. 
It's okay the girl whispers,
I'm fine with you spinning 'round and 'round and not knowing whats going on.
But I do! 
You insist.
The boy lays down,
I'm fine with you not being the cure.
I- I'm doing my best to help...
you plead.
It's okay comforts the Stars, the Nebulas, the Blackholes,
But it's not you insist.
But it is they argue.
Then you hear a small voice,
"Thank you Earth for bringing me here and everyone and thing I love.
You bring laughs, love, and smiles.
You are just Earth, 
don't feel sorry.
You help by spinning.
You help by blooming.
You help by being Earth."
You're welcome...
About the Author: Cloudkitty
"Meet me where the end begins, in echoes, where your world is me, and my world is yours."