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We can learn a lot about a character through their interactions with other characters: what they say, how they say it, and what is said to them. Let's explore our characters by delving into a dialogue with another character. Characters reveal themselves by their actions and by their interactions with others. We find out more about them by what (and how) they say to others AND by what others say to them. In this exercise you will start out writing a dialogue in play form (i.e. Character 1: blah blah blah/Character 2: blah blah blah) Don't use any descriptors telling how they say something. Let your word choice show this.

Your character is waiting at the bus stop. Someone arrives (best friend, worst enemy, old man/woman, person from school/work that your character has never spoken to). Start your scene with the opening line below.

New Person: What are you doing here?
Your Character:

Don't tell us who the character is or what their relationship to your character is. Let the dialogue lead us to our conclusions.

Write for 7-15 minutes.

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