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Settings may seem very different from characters, but in most stories, they play off of each other, deepening your understanding of each. Let's look into the setting around your character, and see what we can find.

Think back to the bus stop where your dialogue is taking place. Where is this bus stop? What time of year is it? What year is it? You can choose a place you're very familiar with or one you wish you knew. Also think about how the bus stop relates to your character--is it a place they're familiar with?

Research your place by going to it or by looking at pictures, videos, weather charts, street views, whatever helps you see/feel this place at the moment your character would be there. List as many details as you can. Get in touch with the senses of your character--what does your character feel, hear, see? Remember to use as many senses as you can--and to tie them to the experience of the character. Maybe these surroundings remind them of a certain time, person, or feeling. Explore those feelings and memories.


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