May 22

One Word Story: Magic

[Photo: Tatiana Rodriguez, Unsplash]
Listen to this week's One Word Story here! The word is MAGIC and the host is TreePupWriter. The One Word Story was started by A Sports Person with the word CUPCAKES. Join in for the next One Word Story on Tiny Writes! One word becomes another word becomes another ... and a story unfolds.

NOTE FROM A SPORTS PERSON: Have you heard of a One Word Story? Well, it's easy. I will choose a word to start, or pick someone else to start.  They pick a word. Then another person puts down another word, and then another person puts down another word, and so on. After the week is done I will, or I will pick someone else if they want to volunteer, to record themselves reading the story. You get one word each, and in the end there will be a huge fantastic story. If you're interested, join us on Tiny Writes – where the start of a new One Word Story will be posted every week!
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