May 23
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Only Human

If I could describe myself in one word, I would.
If I could say one defining quality, I would.
But that's not what it means to be human.
Humans are made up of pieces that fit into a whole:
Little quirks and thoughts put into a sac of chemicals
that walk around sharing those pieces with the world.
When you truly know someone,
you know the little parts of them that make them click.
Perhaps they have the weirdest way of dancing,
and hate lemon bars.
Maybe their favorite color is the shade of sunlight
when it streams through the green leaves in the forest canopy above.
Or maybe they can never suppress a smile whenever they hear the worst of dad jokes.
These are some of my little quirks.
They float around in my head, grounding me to this earth,
and showing me what it means to be human.
I don't understand why grown-ups always ask us 
who we are.
There is no definitive answer,
and I guess that's the point.
I am only a girl who feels at peace when she's 
leaning back in a sailboat,
the spray blinding her eyes,
and the rope burning her hand.
I'm only a girl that loves hiking,
and the wholesome feeling of accomplishment that comes when you reach the top
to soak in the view that comes with it.
I'm only a girl.
I'm only human.
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