May 26

Where Does It Hurt?

Where does it hurt?

My eyes
feel too large and disproportioned in this world.

But you can see.
My tongue is too shy,
my lips caked in glue
from crafting something messy and scary.

But it rose above the bodies.
My arms are sore
hanging at my body's ends.

But you have picked yourself up.
My hands, too tired to birth a language.
But there are words enough for you.
My torso, stomach, insides,
are hollow.
An empty echo resonating
in my deep ocean depths.

But you can rebuild.
My heart is missing,
strung up, hanging from a tree.
in the summer breeze.

But you still love.
You can relearn.

Where does it hurt now?
Only the part i haven't mentioned.

What part is that?
My world.

About the Author: fire girl
" to choose to write is to reject silence" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie