May 26

The Death Scene

A boy lay in a field. No, not a field, a vast expanse of every color that anyone has ever hated. A boy lay still, staring at the sky as if it would give him answers, like there could somehow still be time. The boy tried not to take his eyes off the sky, tried not to feel so many...things. Things cracking inside of him, a small piece of metal winding its way through his stomach, another in his shoulder. He tried not to hear things, he tried to forget about everything he saw behind his eyes whenever he closed them. He tried to keep his blood inside of him, tried to exist in a world that was dry and green and everything that “here” wasn’t. He had forgotten where the green things were, but he knew they were somewhere nice. Somewhere without rats. Maybe that was where he was going. 

He knew he couldn’t stay where he was, the noise was hurting his ears and he just wanted to find a blanket to crawl under and sleep, wrapped in someone else’s warmth. He knew he couldn’t stay in that place, so he didn’t. The boy left the horrible pit of mud, crawling under a blanket of sky, wrapped in the warmth of his clothes. And there, he fell asleep. There, the boy fell asleep and never woke up.