May 27

Editor's Note

Welcome to The Social Distancing Journal. This is Young Writers Project’s special issue of our monthly magazine The Voice dedicated to capturing our collective experience of the pandemic.

Each chapter is named by a theme that has been prevalent in this time, and the writing and art within each chapter seeks to encompass and illustrate the theme. Each chapter is then separated into two pages: the preface and the writing. The first page, or preface, is the collaborative run-on entry; one writer began with a paragraph based on the chapter theme and the next writer continued the writing with a paragraph of their own. This part of the project was completed by ten of YWP’s wonderful community leaders: 



E.B. Pointy-Pen








As I watched their writing unfold in our shared Google document, I was amazed by the depth and emotion packed into their sentences. Each writer thoughtfully stepped into the shoes of the previous writer and carried their thoughts into their own direction while emphasizing and respecting the perspective of the previous writer. Several times I was moved to tears.

The second part of this project is where Susan Reid and I come in as the editors. We helped to edit the run-on entries, arrange the work, and create the second page of writing in each chapter which is a selection of COVID-19 writing by many different YWPers spanning all the way back to the middle of March (seems like years ago, right?).

The last page of this journal brings us full circle – back to the beginning where the idea of the Social Distancing Journal began as little snippets of pandemic life. I hope you enjoy this look at our lives during the past few months and see the wisdom, humor, and strength in the words. And thank you to cedar, who created the cover art!

Peace & poetry,

Adelle Brunstad
YWP Alumna
About the Author: Adelle M. Brunstad
"The great (wo)man is (s)he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude." - R. W. Emerson