May 27

Field Notes On Being a Human

There's one thing you must always keep in mind:
no one is happy
all the time.

No one is the "perfect person".
Everyone cries, everyone feels pain.
It feels different... but it is pain.

Sometimes it is dull,
achy, grey clouds.
But I can guarantee...

Someone else feels the same way
at the same time that you do.

Sometimes the pain will be more like fire,
brush burn, sharp glass, coming train.

And at that same time
someone very different...
very far away,
feels the same.

The second thing you should know...
by simply being human
you are a murderer.
By being human you are
ancestry and blood.


That doesn't necessarily mean
you are a bad person.
That doesn't mean you are accepting,
that doesn't mean
you don't try to be the good.

Third thing:

breathing doesn't mean
you are alive.

About the Author: fire girl
" to choose to write is to reject silence" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie