May 28

trying to enjoy

It feels like the flowers just came out, 
like the snow just melted,
and the ice crystals disappeared from trees' branches, 
like the mud just came, 
but yet, 
it's all gone already. 

There was no time to go stomp around
in little red rainboots, 
getting your clothes so filthy, 
that you will have to scrub them for hours
before your mom lets them go in the wash. 

There was no time for your little siblings to make mud pies, 
or cover themselves in the wet dirt, 
until they are nothing more than a giggling brown heap. 

No, because spring came and went like that. 

Now the dirt is as dry 
as sand in the desert, 
and the humidity has my hair going in all different directions at once. 

And the heat, heat, heat!
How is it that it is only May, 
and yet it feels like the middle of July? 

But oh well. 
It's not like I can do anything except try to enjoy
what the weather does bring.

So it's nice to see the lilacs blooming,
large and fragrant,
and the trees buds turning to flowers
and the foliage going from dead looking brown
to beautiful green. 

Hey, it's even nice to spend the whole day outside, 
until your whole body looks like a ripe tomato. 
Well, it's nice until the sunburns start to sting. 

So I guess maybe I'm not sad that spring 
seems to have come and gone in no time. 
Sure, I wish I had a little longer before 
I had to worry about humidity and heat, 
but I'll live. 

And if I have learned anything from COVID, 
it is to enjoy what life throws at you, 
even though that can be SO difficult sometimes. 
So I will try my best to enjoy the weather, 
enjoy quarantine, 
enjoy life.