Writing Challenges: Inspiration and ideas to spark your creativity every day

[Photo: Joanna Kosinska, Unsplash]
Think about moments in your life and write! You have two options:
  • Focus on specific, memorable moments in your life – recent or past, good or bad. Write everything that comes to mind for just two minutes.
  • Or try a free write on one word: Delicious, Sweltering, Exhilarating, Mountain, Trapped, Fireworks, Painting, Book, Friend, Woods, Storms, Family, Summer. Pick a word that speaks to you and write everything that comes to mind for two minutes.
Look at what you've written and think about what would make the most interesting story. What's the hidden story here? Set your watch or timer for another two minutes. Write everything you can related to the theme or topic you chose. Now give some thought to the basic elements of a narrative – the main character; the want/need (or dilemma); is there a protagonist? what’s the climax or turn? Write down any details you think of. Do you see an idea – and design for a story – starting to form? If so, write it! Final tip: When writing a story, it’s better to start a little later than you think you should and end it a little sooner than you think you should.
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