Jun 01

A Hot Second

I'm standing here and the crowd is yelling at me,
screaming to protest, to fight.
But I'm just standing here,
a brick,
a frozen piece of ice,

Just leave me alone,
I mumble and push through the crowd. 
A person screams,
We're battling to make a difference and you're walking away!?!
We all are fighting our own battles,
I whisper.

People roll their eyes as I walk past.
I can't believe her,
they scold.

The little bird peeks down from his nest,
no, I can't do it.
Yes, you can,
his mother tweets. 
But the baby bird hides in his woven nest.
he will fly and raise his majestic wings to the world.
But for now,
let him blossom slowly.

So maybe I am that baby bird,
I think.
I dream of flying,
and one day,
I will raise my voice.

Just give me a minute. 

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About the Author: Cloudkitty
"Meet me where the end begins, in echoes, where your world is me, and my world is yours."