Jun 01

Depressed Cow

There's not really one single word,
To explain how I'm feeling.
It's just a misty dampness,
Hovering on my shoulders,
A constant news channel,
Broadcasting everything I have to do.
A never ending question.
A look of worry.
Sad songs,
Rearanging themselves in my head to create a medley.
I told her,
That I'm feeling blah, poop, just a bad Monday.
But it's so much more than that.
I'm feeling like that one sweater,
That makes you really mad,
Everytime you put it on,
Because it's uncomfortable.
How you want to tare it from your body,
And claw at the skin it touched.
I feel like when you  check your phone,
On a Saturday afternoon when you've just woke up,
Bleary but ready to start the day,
Only to find that no one texted you yet. 
Or when you're really hungry,
And you don't know what you want.
I think I just want a hug,
A long,
Neverending hug.
That's always the last thought before I go to sleep:
I wish someone was here,
Right now,
and I wish they were hugging me.
How on earth did I go from crazy coffee girl,
Bright and vibrating this morning,
To the world's most depressed cow.
Because that's what I feel like right now.
A depressed cow.