Jun 02
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No More Hearts Should Break

How quick humans are
to jump to conclusions.

We see an image,
neurons fire,
assuming something
every time,
even if we
try not to.

if only we could feel each other's

all injustices would
then be corrected--

How tragic it is
that we don't always
feel others' heartache
as our own--

That in itself
should be enough
to make our hearts break
and reach out in an embrace
of love, of listening though
we may not understand,

knowing we cannot
or apologize enough
for hundreds of years
hundreds of years
of suffering,
of humanity crying out

and being met
with inhuman indifference

humans were given hearts to love

let's not waste them
with more promises

let us do something
so no more hearts break
simply because
our ears were blocked with our own voices