Jun 03

Love Not Hate

This is not justice. 
This is dishonorable.
Look at the way you alter
George Floyd’s legacy
It has now become one of violence
And crime

I know you are hurting
Feeling the life crumbling pain 
Of losing someone
Because of an unfair prejudice 
Against African Americans
I understand
I feel for you
I stand with you
But not with your actios
Injustice raids our world
We shall work together
To right this wrong
But not in these ways
Physical fights
You not only hurt those
That go against you
But harm your allies along the way

I’m white
I do not know first hand 
The hardships that those of other races face
I cannot even start to pretend to understand
However I can and will
Be empathetic and apologetic
Empathetic to those who suffer every day
Facing challenges 
Just because of skin color
Apologetic for the terrible things
That my ancestors did to them
I cannot change the past
Only shape the future

Please don’t blame me
For my ancestors actions
I can not choose to whom I am related
We are born they way we are
No say on our part
The weight you have placed on my shoulders is too much
I didn’t do this to you!
I wish to assist you 
In your peaceful fight for justice

I refuse to stand behind
People who think that 
Two wrongs, deserve a right
People that kill, vandalise, loot and scream
Thinking that the only way to justice, is physical force
I will never agree with those actions
The pen is mightier than the sword
Always remember that

I beg of you
Stop this lunacy 
Protest with words
Hang helpful signs
Do not use hate
Hate is the reason you protest
Is it not?
The hate thrown at you
For hundreds of years?
Do not become a monster
Hate will destroy your soul
As a wise man once said,
“Darkness can not drive out darkness;
Only light can do that.
Hate can not drive out hate;
Only love can do that.” 
-Martin Luther King Jr.

So please
Honor George Floyd
Be the light within darkness
With protests that demonstrate love
Love for him
Love for all
No matter the color of their skin
No matter the clothes they wear
Look below the surface
Where we are all the same 
Yet different
Use what you can’t see
As a compass
Follow you heart
Listen carefully
Then and only then
Will the world be a better place


#ListenToYou Heart