Jun 04

How can I write

What do I write about
people are dying
people are mistreated
people are misguided
people are screaming
people are crying
people are morning
people are shouting
people are angry

I say "people"
not the subdivisions that society has split us up into
because there is only one race
and thats us

Its true, some of us can be blind.
Blind to the slaughter of our brothers and sisters.
And I can't stand to watch.

I can't watch as our President hops around playing golf
amist a padamic 
while the people he is supposed to lead 
are rising up against him.
No, I refuse to think of him.
But alias,
America is led by a fool.

But even he is human.

How can I write about the sky and smiles
while people suffer
while more lives are claimed
while our world slowly heats up 
and will eventually burn us alive.

How can I write
how can I
When the human race caves in on itself.
When words are nothing but letters on a screen,
that you're reading right now.
That you'll forget about in minutes.

I'm angry, to be sure.
But I'll keep on writing. 
because I forgot one important thing:
There are people who care.
And always will be.
About the Author: Forever young
"we have to teach our girls that they can reach as high as humanly possible."