Jun 06

Some Things We Can't Ignore

Some people in our world today
are acting with cruelty,
with hate,
and I truly don't understand. 

I don't understand why they hurt people for no good reason.
I don't understand why they think they can do whatever they want,
whenever they want,
without having a good explanation. 

What I really don't understand is why they are giving our world more challenges to deal with,
more hard things to face
on purpose.

These lives that we all live,
they are our own,
and some aren't even making the most of them.
We can't take for granted everything the world gives us,
and we can't take advantage of everything that we earn,
for any reason at all. 

This world we live in,
it is so much more than special,
and we need to keep it that way.
We need to make it better.

So, I ask,
why aren't we?