Jun 08
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Delicate Hike

Rain trickled down from the darkening sky
As we trampled through the packed forest
Squirrels and rabbits scampered for their warm, dry homes
While the wolves came out to play 

The wind penetrated our jackets and 
Into our bones
Soaking us from our heads 
Down to our toes

The sun had beat down on us with 
Unrestrained brutality moments before
Attempting to fry us like an egg

The trees were kind enough to provide us shelter
With their long and winding branches
With leaves the size of our heads

The trickling rain became a cascade of tears
The clouds weeping 
For their 
For our 
Dying world
Our dying home 

The mud beneath our feet became slippery
Each and every step 
Became harder and harder

Just to reach the top
To reach the bright
Brilliant stars

That shine above
Oh, how those things 
Seem to make everything right
All the poison in the world fades
Ursa Major 

That one is my favorite
How the hunter became the hunted
Only visible during the cold winter months

Oh, what a delicacy