Jun 10
poem 0 comments challenge: 100

Grandparent story time- A 2020 version

Imagine- many years from now
with the iphone 66 and all,
how your grand-kids will look up at you
and ask about this all.
"Ah yes, it was brutal," you would say
as they gather round your knee.
"2020 was a time of great uncertainty"
They'd give a nod and scoot in close,
you'd chuckle just a little.
"would you like me to recall a bit?"
they'd nod and finally sit still. 
then you could say how buildings closed
school was out for months
how at first it was just temporary
then grew longer with a hunch 

"times were tough" you would proclaim
'the run for toilet paper!
hand sanitizer was fought over
our nerves as thin as paper.
google meetings, zooming too, 
the free time made us crazy
social distancing was tough
and we kinda got real lazy
The kids look up with rounded eyes
you give a simple pat
"The heroes of that era
were abundant while we sat. 
UPS and Amazing, grocery stores too
Nurses, doctores, first responders
Oh the work they had to do

The little ones, their eyebrows creep
so high above their head,
"so you stayed inside forever 
and wore masks over your head
"Precisely!" you would then declare
"Masks where all the rage-
But as humans we stayed strong
we fought this burtal virus maze.
Jobs were lost, and parks wher closed
staying seperate I suppose
was hard for many to digest,
everybody missed their friends

The oldest childe wiped his nose
"At least thats all that happened
"if other crazy things went down..
how unfortunte. imagine
Sacrastically I chuckled
as I thought of 2020
And all the changes, and advances
that made it strangely funny. 
The kids all frowned and looked upset
and you try and give consolation
"But... the BEST part of 2020- was my epic graduation!"