Jun 15

To anyone who needs a friend:

   To anyone who needs a friend,

   I've recently had to cut off a few old friends because I learned they were racist and homophobic. My friend group has gotten increasingly smaller over the past few months, and now I only have a few friends left. It's weird that the older I get, the less friends I have. At ten years old, I had a large group of friends whom I was very close with. Now, at sixteen, most of them have moved on, or unintentionally forced me to make the decision to let them go. It's weird that people who I thought I knew, people who I loved, and who I thought loved me too, could base their beliefs on hate and unacceptance. 
   I guess what I'm trying to say is... would anyone like to be friends? Would anyone like to take spontaneous walks to go swimming in the river by my house, or to the park; would anyone want to go to the teahouse in Middlebury on weekends when this is all over, would anyone want to go on adventures? 'Cause sometimes being "me" gets lonely. Sometimes, you just need the kind of friends people write songs about.
   If you want to be friends, don't hesitate to send me a message, it could be one as simple as "hi, we're friends now." I've found that making friends as teenagers is difficult, so let me promise you that I'm actually a nice person who will probably call you "weird" as a compliment of the highest degree.
   I know this is random and rushed, but... I know a lot of us live in the same state, and I just thought I might get a really good friendship out of this, so why not try?
   (P. S: my dog is REALLY cute. Just sayin'.)